Which one better ?

i have rig with spec :
AMD athlon II x2 240 @3.12 ghz
2x1gb Adata 800mhz
Biostar 790GXB
MSI GF GTS 250 TwinFrozr OC 512MB
Seasonic 600W Modular
WDC Blue 320 GB

i tested it with 3dmark 06 the score 13089 (1280x1024)
i know it's bottleneck
if i change the processor to AMD Phenom x3 8450 2.1ghz the bottleneck is gonna reduce ?? :pfff: :pfff:
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  1. I don't think the GTS250 will be bottlenecked by the X2 240. Also the new processor that you are selecting in not as good in performance than the 240. so wont notice any boost there as well.
  2. More so the fact is you only have 2gb of RAM, i personally would like to see that doubled in any system to provide decent cover. Even if you have a 32bit OS, i still would go 4GB RAM.

    But the X2 is better than the X3 you posted, not by a huge mile, but slightly better i would say.
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