$800 Ausralian Build

Hey guys i am building a gaming computer for my friend and i would like to see if u guys have any tips or pointers to improve my build

Use of Computer: Gaming

Overclocking: Graphics Maybe

SLI or Crossfire : No

Screen Resolution : 1280 x 1024

Parts not required: i only need the tower and a OS dont need ODD

Preferable Parts: None what ever is best

Note: you cant get AMD x3 440 in Australia so leave it out of your reccomendations

Preferable sites: MSY, Megaware

CPU: AMD Athlon 635 x4 2.9Ghz $118

Case: Antec 300 $65

PSU: Coolermaster Extreme 550W $72

MB: G-B 880GM-UD2H $93

Ram: Patriot Signature 1333Mhz $110

Graphics : Saphire Vapor X 5770 1GB $198

HDD: Seagate 500GB $51

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium b4-bit $110

Total $817

Edit swapped the 5770 for the Vapor X equivilent
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    Hmm from 1st glance:

    1. 880GM-UD2H is just a 785G/SB 710 mobo with refreshed IGP (irrelevant since u hitting a discrete) Hit a 760G/780LE or 770 and

    2. Pump into a dependable 80+ certified PSU
  2. Have a look at

    Id go with a x2 555 [ $117], and take pot luck you might unlock cores . Even if you dont it will still game better than the athlon
    And Gigabyte GA-770T-USB3 Motherboard [$109] . No igp but a good layout and USB3 support

    Also keep in mind your screen resolution is pretty low , so the gfx card you have picked is probably over kill unless you plan on upgrading the monitor in the near future
  3. i can get the thermaltake 550watt evo blue for 109 dollars ( 30 dollars off) or the corsair 450VX for 86

    i'll change the motherboard to the asus 770 which is about 80 dollars and i could downgrade the graphics card to the HIS 5750 for 145
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