Can you suggest power supply for this system

Hello Dears,

I have following issue, I am building pc with config. Given below. Can you suggest me how much power supply the whole system may require.
1. How much PS you would recommend.
2. Can I use ATX mid tower for this system as video card is quite a big.
3. Should I use any extra cooling fan for this system

Thank you and looking forward to get answers.

1. Gigabyte GA 790XTA-UD4 AM3 AMD 790X USB 3 ATX MB
2. Phenom II X6 SixCore Processor 1090T 3.2GHz AM3 CPU
3. ATI 100-505519 FireGL V8600 1GB PCI-Ex16 Video Card New
4. Gskill 8Gb. 2x4gb
5. Hard drive
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  1. What are you going to use this system for?If it is for gaming computer get a 5850 or a gtx 470 instead. I would recommend for the PSU a corsair 750w because it will be able to power a CF of 5850 in the future if you need more power to play games.
  2. so fast...

    Basically this pc is for using different CAD systems with engineering simulation. I would like to use it without any upgrade in coming future.

    How do you think which Win OS is better to use in this PC?
    Currently I am in WinXP,pack2 and I like it. I do not like anything very new and unstable.

  3. i look for more advises
  4. For a CAD workstation there is no need to splash on a pricey 700 series 8/8 CFboard - i'd hit the 870 series or 880G if u like to have IGP as a back up in case the discrete goes AWOL :P I would say the XFX 650/Corsair 650TX/ Antec EA650 PSU would do fine ^^
  5. Also that GPU is 12" and as a guide any case that could house the Hemlock HD 5970 (12.125") would be fine for this beast! Have a look at the CM 370?
  6. So 650 W PSU is enough right?

    How do you think is any requirement for OS for this system?
  7. and is ATX mid fits for this assambly?
  8. 700w 80+ certified cooler master..
  9. sure, just bought 650W
  10. You asked which Windows OS? Well, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit is the answer.
  11. You did'nt mention your requirements fully, as to what you'll be using the PC for. If it's just for gaming, really a quad should be plenty.

    Actually, to be honest most games don't even require 4 cores. So a high end dual core is plenty for gaming, really.

    But if you've made your mind up on having a few extra cores from AMD, :) I'll suggest you go with this AMD Athlon II X4 640 & save yourself some money or invest it in a high end GPU like the Radeon HD 5870.

    Also you need'nt even have bought a 650 watt PSU if you are not planning to Xfire any time soon :)
  12. calguyhunk,

    Basically this pc targeted to use for CAD works and simulation. Fire GL v8600 was one of certified for CAD, there were only Fire GL series from ATi and Quadro fx from Nvidia.

    Ye I already bought 650W after last post., anyway thanx.
    I guess it is better If I use Windows Vista Ultimate, Business and Enterprise editions only (SP1 or higher) or Windows Vista x64.
  13. is this thread STILL open??
  14. I think we can close it now.
  15. no wait, I have few more questions. I bought Corsair 650TX and does it fit with any pc case?
  16. Yes as long as the case could house standard ATX form factor PSUs
  17. Hi

    Can you guide me on which cable is used for my VGA ATI FireGL V8600 1GB. It comes with 2 same cables. I have also cable in PSU which is also can be used. That included cable has one 4 pin male cable (I guess to PSU) and one 6 pin female cable where only three has of holes are has connection other three are empty.

    Can someone tell me how to use these cables?
  18. I connected PCIe cable from PSU to my VGA but it has still 8 pin male place. I do not know should I use it ?
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