Possible GTX485 Info + PCB Pic's

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  1. Looks interesting,specs look good but the power consumption is still high
  2. My thoughts is that I should have waited to buy my 480's lol

    Thats the nature of this business; everything depreciates so fast but with that being said, my next purchase will be the next generation consoles which will prob be another 2 or 3 years.
  3. errr 375W, my entire computer with an i7 + 5970 doesn't push that much when not overclocked. Thats going to be a lot of heat to dissipate but damn full 512 cuda cores.

    I need to get my hands on the refresh of that card.
  4. Yeah spec's look pretty damn good, should be a good competitor to the HD5970 :)
  5. Its not a new reference design by Nvidia, i guess that should be pretty obvious since its an AIB partner and not Nvidia who is designing/making it. If it were a GTX 485 that would mean a Nvidia reference design.

    Here are links to articles explaining Little tiger is making a non-reference GTX 480 and not some "fabled" 512 core GF100 based card.

    links to articles about Little Tiger non-reference GTX 480 which the PCB in the article above if for.


    The mad thing is if you go to Lil Tigers site they show this PCB as a GTX 480.

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