Time to Upgrade ?

I have the following, should i stick with it a while longer or kick it?

Case - Antec 600
PSU - OCZ - 600w Mod Xstream modular
MOBO - Asus M4A77TD Pro AM3 EPU-4 DDR3 CrossFireX
Graphics - HIS 5770 1gig DDR5
RAM - 4 GIG Mushkin silverline 1333mhz - 1600mhz
Cooler - Zalman Cnps 9300 AT
CPU - Phenom 965BE
Dsp - 27" 2770H Samsung 2ms

Replacement Ideas ? no real budget, used mostly for gaming at 1080p
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  1. Zracko said:
    I have the following, should i stick with it a while longer or kick it?

    I hope that's a rhetorical question! There's nothing at all wrong with your current system. Do you have any particular reason for upgrading?
  2. I usually try and replace components before the components value decreases to much kinda like a every 2 year thing, Not sure if there is anything really worth going for at the moment espesially with 6000 series around the corner and bulldoser. what do you think?
  3. Yeah "kick" it and i'll have it off ya.. That system is better than most lol.
  4. wait for bulldozer/6*** need to upgrade now.
  5. malmental, WTF?
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    Most people I know would love to have the system you have.Dont upgrade now.Wait for spring components to come out.ATI and AMD are sure to have a better line up.There are also going to be new motherboards to go with the "Bulldozer:chips.Can't wait to see.
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