Where'd all my memory go? To the Browser Configuration Utility.

So what's the deal with the Browser Configuration Utility? The resources of the interwebs are conflicting and confusing here: I've done the googling. Apparently, it's some browser-improving thing from Gigabyte (I have a GA-880GMA-UD2H) that does...something?

Anyway, that's not really the issue. I wish I knew what it did, but I'd be fine with assuming it was some mildly helpful bloatware -- if it wasn't using HALF A GIG OF RAM.
583 mb, actually. I only have 4gb, and I'm using most of it just playing music and browsing. BCU.exe continues to run even with Chrome closed, by the way. Task Manager puts its working pool at 583 mb, and its "working set" at more than a gig (1017 mb). I don't know what a working set is, but nothing else has more than 165 mb of it (itunes).
Could this mysterious program actually be doing something useful with a significant chunk of my RAM? Do I have a virus? Should I try to uninstall it (apparently done through the Gigabyte driver disk)? I hope somebody has heard of this.
Thanks, guys.
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  1. There seems to be a lot of disagreement in that thread, which I've read, but that seems to be one of the few things they don't claim it does. No way a browser redirector takes that much memory.
  2. Also, should I upgrade to 8gb? It would be easy to get another $40 4gb stick of the same model, but would it be worth it? I'm running a 965 at 3.9ghz and a 460 OCed to EVGA Superclocked levels, and I play all sorts of stuff: JC2, Crysis 2, Portal 2.
  3. Yep, you can get some more RAM but it won't be much difference though. RAM is cheap now.
  4. Will I see any gains at all?
    But anyway, has anyone heard of this crazy program?
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