Annoying pop up and shadow flickering.

I've tried it on two video cards and both seem to do it

they are XFX 4890 1GB
GeForce 8600 Gt

Other specs

Phenom II X3 720 BE
asus m4a785-m
Corsair 750W PSU

Obviously a big difference but the problem is the same.

Basically I have draw distance problems with objects just popping up on screen. When this happens I take a big FPS hit. I recently bought a new MOBO + Processor. I'm fairly certain this problem existed before I bought them so i'm really not sure what the cause is. Another is shadow flickering in Fallout. If I move a certain way a random shadow will flicker and sometimes lighting on an object will go completely dark. The draw distance problem is in Fallout as well.

Here is one example with Oblivion (upper left)

I move forward and some trees just pop out of nowhere.

I will post more including Fallout when I can. I have a similar problem with Crysis where grass only pops up when it's three feet in front of me. If a video would be more helpful I will make one.
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  1. Sorry but im going to start with basics so dont be insulted, but. You do realise there are settings for draw distance in the game settings, right ? Oblivion for sure, not 100% sure with Fallout.
    If you increase the draw distance and in oblivion there are fade settings also which will help.
    Try reading through this
    hopefully its just a case of setting things up properly.
    Check in your drivers that you have them set to application preferance as well.

  2. I'm not insulted but i've already done that. Everything is at max. Yesterday I spent a good 30 minutes messing with the INI.
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