Windows 7 Random BSOD's

I have had several BSOD's all with the BBCode 109. I have heard that is often memory issues, but cant find fault with the memory.

System: NEW
GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3 motherboard
Nvidia GTS 450 graphics
Corsair GS600 power
Corsair 8GB memory

Some blue screen info:
One is
BBBode: 109
Caused by: hal.dll
Crash adress: ntoskrnl.exe+7cc40

Another is
BBBode: 109
Caused by: ntoskrnl.exe
Crash adress: ntoskrnl.exe+7cc40
(Actually, the crash address seems to be the same for all of them...)

Anyway, I have run memtest 86+ for 7 consecutive passes without fail. There is the issue where Memtest shows my BCLK and memory speed wrong. Seems to be a Z68 mobo-memtest 86+ problem. I have no idea if it affects the tests.

I have run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool without error.

On the Windows side I have run sfc system file scan twice without error.

The BSOD's appear to be random. I haven't had one while gaming yet, but most have occurred while I was not using the computer and one while I was on Chrome. All are BBCode 109.

I'm not quite sure what to do next. Any Help?
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  1. Ok, so a problem might be that I ran my 500GB Hard drive in my old comp (as a secondary drive) with Win XP and didn't reformat before ploping Win7 on it??? Would this result in occasional and totally random Blue Screens?

    Win 7 is not reporting issues with hal.dll being missing or corrupt. it is just being the cause? of my blue screens. My computer is booting fine.
  2. Ok, it appears windows 7 didn't partition of format the drive when it installed. The drive just has one massive partition. I assume it's still partitioned via XP, rather than W7. Would this cause problems?

    Also, when I was running the W7 disk for system file checking, it noticed a boot something it repaired, after my computer tried loading XP from my old computer's system drive after booting from the dvd drive.
  3. I can't make sense of your post. You say that it was a secondary drive (that would mean it didn't have the OS on it), the OS would be on your primary drive. You can't pop a HD outta one system and expect it to start another.

    You need to do a "clean install" which means the drive is formatted to remove all the old drivers and insure that the new system uses the appropriate drivers for its hardware. But again, if there was no OS on the secondary drive, this should be a non issue.

    I'd reinstall and make sure that the install process formats the entire drive before the install begins.
  4. My Current Primary drive (That has Win7 now) is my secondary drive from my old computer (where it didn't have the OS). However, when win 7 installed on it, Windows didn't format the drive because I still had the old files I was storing on it.

    If this could be an issue that causes BBCode 109 BSOD's then I will reformat the drive and install windows again. But I would rather not do that because of the mess I went through geting my computer set up this far.
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