Recomendations for a good third party OC tool

I'm looking for a good GPU OCing tool. I'm running a HD4770 under W7 64 Bit and was wondering what others are using ? I tried Riva tunner which i was using under XP but it keeps telling me access is denied when i try and edit the support files. (RT doesn't officially support the chip).


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  1. I have always just used CCC with my 4870, RivaTuner caused massive graphics issues in only one game compared to CCC at the same clocks, but it was the only game my wife plays (sims3) so I couldn't keep it around, heh.

    I don't know the limits CCC enforces on OC, but if its like my 4870 and can't be soft-modded for voltage control, CCC might be sufficient, as I can't run the max settings that CCC allows anyway.

    I liked RivaTuner for the more precise clock control, but otherwise I couldn't see a difference in general use without a voltage control. I should mention I am not a nut about fanspeed control, I leave them at set speeds (changing fan volume bothers me more than static loudness, heh)
  2. Ati Tray tool、MSI Afterburner
  3. Any ideas as to why i cant edit the files in Afterburner or Riva tunner ? Both need a CGF i think file edited to run properly one has no 4770 support and the other wont go above CCC settings with out.

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