Will My Machine Work?

Hi all,

I'm new to Tom's Hardware so i hope i'm doing this right.
The story is that im building a new gaming machine and im not sure if all the parts will be compatible with
each other, i have dine alot of research, and so far so good i just wanted a second opinion.Another issue is that when i went on the Alienware website to see what there computers were like and how much it would cost to build my custom machine on there site, it said there was an issue between the 1600Mz RAM and the gulftown processor (BTW what does Gulftown mean?), which is the 980X.

Anyway here is the parts list:

Rampage III Extreme X58
12GB 1600Mz RAM (6 x 2)
1200W PSU
i7 980X Extreme Edition (3.33Gz)
Dual (Crossfire) Radeon HD 5870
Windows 7 Ultimate
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  1. First... Welcome to Tom's Hardware!!

    Second... All the components will work together but is an "overkill" for gaming... IMO

    1) Just get the i7-950, which is more than enough for gaming
    2) Just get 6GB of Memory, which is more than enough for gaming.
    3) With all of those savings alone, you can run Dual 5970's or pocket some cash and add a SSD to the mix!
  2. I think tecmo is right that is overkill get a SSD if you noticed all gaming pc are going to SSD you will much happier going that route. And by the way Tecmo Bowl was one of the Best NES games every.
  3. Thank you very much,

    The way at looked at this machine when i was looking at the parts was that it
    would be future proofing the machine so it would be up to date longer, but from what you have said it sounds
    that i probably don't have to. But i have also see alot of tutorials saying to spend the same amount of money of you GPU then your CPU.

    Should i still get 1600Mz RAM, Because i read that the i7 Extreme only supports 1333Mz?
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