New Build, not performing as expected... Help?!

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OK so thats my build. I installed everything correctly, been running now for about a month. No problems at all no errors ect.

I am new to buildings rigs as this is my first time, its all stock no OC no nothing.

Reason I am posting is because today I decided to put my rig up against my brothers to see how fps would compare, and I was shocked to find my rig only gained like 5 fps over his.

Test on SC2, full settings same resolution 1280x 900 or something same tutorial everything same. i hit 46 FPS he hit like 40.
BUT his rig is like 2 years old. Only 9800 gt vid card 4 gigs ram but lower end stuff, and a duo core 2.8. so how is it possible for him to hit same fps i do?

is my system not performing as it should? other tests? i can do to see if i am running good numbers? slightly concerned now..
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  1. To be honest, you can't really compare 2 systems like this with only one data point (SC2 fps). Dig around and find a free benchmarking tool and run that to see the differences between the 2. Look for something that performs single and multi-threaded tests. You should see major differences there.

    Also, running at lower resolutions puts all the stress on the CPU and not the GPU. Ratchet up to 1920x1080 and you would see a large difference as well.

    Try this site:
  2. Well SC2 is optimized for 2 cores, and either way you're both fast enough for it. Basically comes down to the GPUs. A 5770 isn't a big step up from a 9800GT. However, you should see more of a difference if you run at a higher resolution.

    Why don't you both try running some FurMark or 3D Mark Vantage or something like that at the highest resolution possible.
  3. Well you i can see you getting help here, but one more thing.
    If you really want to know the the test on same OS.
    And by the way, you got really good configuration.
  4. Like its been said, the low resolution and single game sample, doesn't give a very fair comparison.

    Especially considering that if your brother has a machine with a core 2 duo, such as a core 2 duo E7400 it would do especially well in this instance versus your i5 760 who can't really flex its extra 2 cores.

    Also you have to realise SC2 isn't a very top heavy game, I'd strongly suggest using 3dmark like the other guy said, or at least some game that will let your machines flex all their components.
  5. 3DMark06 is a great free benchmark that will give you a GPU score and a CPU score on both machines then you can know for sure. Furmark is a great benchmark for the GPU and Cinebench is a great benchmark for the CPU with online databases of results of similar systems to yours, that way you can check how your system should be doing.
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