Questions on throughput with SSD Drives in Raid 0, and 5

I have a server that I am upgrading and so I have some questions. It is a server using the Intel Intel S5520HCR motherboard, has 12 Gigabyte of ram.

It is equipped with the SROMBSASMR Raid add-in card, and I am installing 4 OCZ Agility 3 120 Gig SATA 3 drives in it. I am looking to maximize on throughput and also want some fault tolerence. I know that creating all of them in a Raid 0 gives me no fault tolerance, and Raid 01 gives me both but reduces storage storage capacity, and that Raid 5 gives me some fault tolerance but reduced performance.

My question is this, the throughput for these drives is around 525 MB/sec read and write, and my controller is SATA 2, so I assume that my throughput will actually be topped out at 300 MB / sec even though the drives are sata 3 which supports up to 600 MB /sec. Am I benefiting at all in putting these drives in any kind of a striping array considering that one drive alone is about twice the throughput of the sata 2 controller. If not, then I am looking at putting them in a Raid 5 since the reduced through put of the drives would still top out at 300.

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  1. You pretty much spelled all of this out. You will get no performance benefit from putting those drives in any raid set on sata 2 ports. You knew what you were saying with those speeds and how the drives would perform. Generally people don't use ssds in raid sets on a consumer setup.
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