Hey guys, does this look like a decent build to max out sc2

I am trying to build a game rig that will be able to play sc2 maxed out on ultra settings at 1080p. I don't want it to ever fall below 60fps either.

also I want the computer to be future proof enough to play other modern games as well on max settings. AC2, MW2, BF2, Crysis etc.

this is the build that I came up with so far http://secure.newegg.com/Shopping/ShoppingCart.aspx?Submit=view

let me know what you guys think and what i can do to improve the build. I don't want to spend much more then 1700-1800 hundred dollars.

also my friend that has been building for years will overclock whatever cpu i end up getting, so i dont think i need the most expensive cpu, but then again you guys are the experts.
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  1. We cant see whats in your shopping cart, you have to either post the links to each part or make it a public wishlist, posting each link is a bit more reliable, also post the name of the component with it.
  2. You can save a bit by comboing the motherboard with the i5 760 which is slightly faster

    i5s use dual channel memory, installing 3 sticks will cause it to run in single channel mode so a 2x2 kit is your best choice and will be plenty for most uses. I recommend the Gskill Ecos

    Grab yourself the Hyper 212+ off amazon for $30, it does quite well, and unfortunately newegg bumped the price up last time it sold out

    For $5 more you can swap the Caviar blue for the 1TB Samsung F3, its faster and larger

    How do you feel about the Antec 1200 instead of the HAF 932, it comes with a $50 off promo code and a TP-750 blue preinstalled so it saves you $30 before MIR over your previous selection and has a better PSU.
  3. very nice reply, thanks alot for the advice.

    However, could you explain the whole dual channel singel channel thing concerning ram?

    is it pointless to get 6gb for the i5
  4. If you put in a single stick, your memory bandwidth is obviously just that of that single stick, if you put in a second stick in the other channel the memory controller goes into dual channel mode and you get double the bandwidth, if you add a third to a dual channel board you are at an odd number of sticks again so you go back down to the bandwidth of a single stick. i7s have triple channel memory controllers which is why they sell 6gb kits for them, they can get triple the bandwidth of a single stick.

    If you want 6GB for an i5 for best performance you need a 2x2GB kit and a 2x1GB kit, but unless you are doing video editing, transcoding, or lots of photoediting 4GB will be plenty for your needs, games dont show an improvement with more than 4GB so unless you are doing specific things that are very memory intensive 4GB is plenty.
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