What do i need be able to use the 3d feature of the Nvidia GPU

i bought an Nvidia Graphics card that is 3d ready.

What do i need exactly to be able to use it? aside from the 3d goggles of course. thanks!
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  1. As you said, the 3D goggles and a 120hz monitor (don't mistaken that for a 120hz TV which isn't really 120hz)

    A 1080P 120hz monitor should cost around $350 USD.
  2. aren't there specific kinds of monitors that can is 3d ready?
  3. Remember: The moniters have to support 120HZ INPUT, not that interpolated stuff TV's use. Also remember, that because HDMI is incapable of carrying 1980x1080 @ 120Hz, most moniters that have 120Hz input tend to be 23in and below in size. [Dual DVI/Displayport is typically used for this type of connection; Dual DVI can send 60Hz on each connection, and Displayport has the bandwidth to carry the signal over a single connection).
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