Cold Boot issue switching on PC with Asrock N68c after 1.5 Bios Update

Well, here's a weird one.

Updated my bios on my asrock n68c today to 1.50 - shut down and then turned on again. Hard drive comes on, CD spins, fan comes on but is quieter (presumably slower) and I get no video signal.

Hold down power switch, PC turns off. I turn on again and it loads fine.

When I next switch off, the same thing happens on power-up and i have to turn off and on again before I get a video signal.

The weird part is, i can leave hours between the no video power up and my next try and it loads fine - so is basically working in a pattern of one attempt fine, the next not, one fine, one not ....and so on.

For example, shut down last night and before going to bed turned on, got no video and shut down. Woke up this morning and booted fine first attempt.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this and a possible fix? Seems like it is switching between two configurations or something.
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  1. Hi! Have you any luck to solve this?
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