Is this possible, if it is how do I do it


I am new to networking and only know the basis, but I am about to get another computer in the household and I am wanting to buy another HDD (like 80/160gb) and have it so that all computers can connect to it through a network and save/share files on it. I would also like to have it so that my computer has seniority over the other computers and that all computers may have separate security software - as one computer will be susceptible to viruses/worms/trojans. Basically I want to have a server in my computer where I am the administrator but all computers have their own system that only opens to retrieve/upload files to the HDD (and what security measures should I have on my computer to stop viruses being uploaded to the communal HDD)

So is this all possible and how would I go about achieving this, also any advice/thoughts would be appreciated

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  1. If you are wanting to set up a server system in your home..

    1.) You're looking at some costs for purchasing things like Server 2003 or 2008

    2.) After buying such software, first you must set your server up as an active directory domain controller which can pretty simply be done through a few steps

    3.) After doing so, you must make accounts from the server that you want to use on the other computers, and have your computers connected to your domain that you have created. (its a bit of a long process to explain, but i could certainly explain it step by step if you need me to)

    But an important rule in getting your computers hooked up to your server is making sure that you set DNS numbers on the computers to match the IP address of the server.

    4.) Then in order to create a shared drive for all users, you simply create a folder somewhere on ur server, and right-click user-names in your active directory, and have their home folder redirected to the folders you have created.

    NOTE: I know this may sound very confusing, because it is. I had to learn all this step by step with my windows server book, so if you need more assistance just message me.
  2. just connect via modem via Rj45 and share simple
  3. You don't have to purchase Windows Server. You could do anything from looking into a home NAS product, to a desktop system with a shared folder. Anti-virus and anti-spyware on the "server" will scan any files placed on that share. Windows server certainly does give you a greater degree of control over the other machines, if you set up a domain and join them to that.

    It sounds like you need to have good security software on the desktop, too. Why is 1 computer at risk? Make sure your end users are not running as admins on their machine.

    Huntluck - your answer makes absolutely no sense.
  4. I would recommend Network sotrage server like Maxtor 1 TB from seagate it is a great way to backup all your data outomatically, and if you have more than one computer it will back up those files too. You can even access your data from anywhere in the world by simply log in into your external HDD. Just simly connect it to your router and that's it. [...] -axis.html

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