Windows 7 internet working but strangely not working

ok get this. i am connected through a wireless card to my linksys e 1000 across the house. when i open a webpage it will start to load and usually fully load but will sometimes just stop loading midway. streaming anything or downloading files just stops after a few seconds but i never actualy lose connection. monitoring the network utilization, it drops directly to zero when this happens.

i have formatted my enire pc and reloaded windows 7 multiple time, turned the router and modem on and off multiple times, i have even gone as far as formatting and installing linux and the problem is still there. btw it works flawlessly at my old coworkers house. im stumped, please help
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  1. If relying on Windows driver for your adapter, see if your wireless adapter's manufacture has a Win7 driver yet.
  2. Could be the router. Try your card at another wifi spot and see if you get the same result
  3. i have this same problem but when i used ubuntu,it works fine.
    so there is no way for problem in router.
    pls help
  4. Have you tried moving the PC right next to the wireless router and tested the connection? Maybe you're to far away from the router or there's too much interference.
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