Is this a good deal?
Looking for some opinions on this seems like not a bad deal with windows 7. How would this handle current generation games? High settings, mediumish at least?
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  1. no this is not a good deal for the price, you are better off building one for yourself
  2. Could you explain why? It seems building this exact same system without prebuilt is around ~700ishish with windows 7 + getting a guy to put it together (I had a bad experience with building my own was just a major headache and would like to avoid it for the time being) seems like a pretty nice deal.
  3. It's a reasonable price for a pre-built. Obviosuly everyone on here is going to tell you to build your own... which I also would. But I know some people dont want to deal with it... so as far as premium pre-builts go, its one of the better deals around
  4. go for it
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