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Well, I was trying to make a bootable copy of windows from an ISO file using some freeware, and after trying to use the program (and it not working), the USB simply doesn't register anymore.

I've tried to reformat it; it won't.

Any ideas? I didn't know a program could completely destroy a flash drive, so I borrowed one from a friend since I don't have my own. Luckily I did transfer the files, but this still leaves me with a broken flash drive.

Does anybody have a solution?
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  1. With the usb stick connected go into disk management and see if it shows up there. In order to do anything with it you would have to have it show uo on the computer. You can always try another computer and see if it will show up there.
    You can also shut down the computer and unplug the psu and then start it up and see if the usb stick shows up.
    If you can't get it to show up then you may have to buy a new usb stick.
  2. I don't know if you get your answer or not but you can try this too. Just download Ubuntu live CD and reboot your PC with that and if Ubuntu sees your drive just remove any partition on your USB stick and reformat it in FAT, you should be able to see it again in windows.
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