Will this work? AMD Athalon 64 x2

A friend of mine is parting out his older system. The computer I have now is just there to hold me over until I build a new system in three to six months. It's currently running a single core Sempron. He's willing to let me have it for $20 with the heatsink and what not. Was wondering if it will work in my board.

CPU: AMD Athalon 64 x2
4200 2.2 GHz

Motherboard it will be going in: Asus A8M2N-LA (OEM) Specs found here:

I found this which makes me think it'll work.

So, should I be good to go? I know it's not a major upgrade, but it's dirt cheap and will last me until I build a better system. Thanks for any responses, and sorry if this has been brought up before.
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  1. Although it may be a slight improvement over your current one, (potential bios issues notwithstanding) I would say keep the $20 and put it onto your new rig.
  2. Quote:

    but yes, with a BIOS update it should work, update BIOS now while running on old chip...

    Hmm where would I find the update?
  3. "If a BIOS update is not listed, HP does not have a BIOS update posted for your computer at this time."

    Guess they don't have one then? Followed the instructions.
  4. Nothing from Asus either, guess it'd be a no go either way then huh?
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  6. Thanks for the answers, I updated BIOS and dropped in the new CPU along with a cheap cooler. Seems to be idling in the high thirties, and my computer is noticeably faster in regular circumstances.
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