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I built it myself:

AsRock x58 extreme
core i7 930
stock intel cooler ----------replaced with cooler master n520.
powercolor radeon HD 5850
corsair TX 750 ps
dominator tri channel 1600
wd 1 TB

This is my question. I just replaced the stock intel cooler with a cm hyper n520.
I was getting idle temps of 37/41 before i put the new n520. I'm still getting the same readings. Shouldn't there be improvement? I'm thinking maybe i was a little short with the thermal paste.

What you think all.
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  1. what about load temps, did they get an better, if not i would re-install the heatsink
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    that cooler doesn't normally preform better on idle but it preforms better at load especially if the cpu is oced

    u might want to add this theremal compound
    and reinstall the cooler and pls tell us your case
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