Upgrading RAM

Hi everyone,

i have a very important question as i am going to buy RAM and cooler today, so need feedback ASAP plz
my computer spec. :

MB Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P
RAM 2GB x 2 MUSHKIN RAM bus 1600
Graphics ATI Radion 4870 Vapor X
CPU AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2 GHz 8.0 GB Cache
HD 1 TB WD Black

first i have a problem with my RAM as the max it can read is 1333 Bus memory when make it on 1600 i get a blue screen while playing

Second i need to buy a cooler for CPU what is best and is there any cooler that support the space for 4 RAM slots, as i tryed the cooler master V6G it cover a slot of RAM

Third need to add RAM if i added 4 GB Ram in 1 slot will it cancel the dual channel mode ( 4GB + 2GB + 2 GB ), and if yeas will it differ so much ?
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  1. Guys any reply plz i have to go now
  2. Still waiting guys
  3. Check your bios to see if your ram frequency is set to 1600.
    If you're going to buy more ram, make sure it's also 1600 for convience.

    Not sure about the coolers
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