Cant uninstall old ATI CCC

hi im trying to update the drivers for my 4670 as my old x1950 pro died.

i have the display drivers working but cant uninstall ccc,

when i go into add remove programs & try to uninstall ccc, i get

" the set up has detected that version 2.10.210 of ccc is already installed
this set installs version of ccc ( 2.009.0929.2221)

you will have to uninstall the previous version before installing this version."

ok so how do i do that??? i cant find any thing on ATI file version 2.10.210!!

i tried uninstalling what i can the i ran driver sweeper( in safe mode) but the old ccc files were still there.

i thought if i can find this old ccc file reinstall it then uninstall it, then update to 10.6

e6600... 2 gig ddr2 xp 32 sp3............
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  1. goto the and remove programs thing in control panel and go to uninstall unininstall the whole driver and ccc and the driver installer, then reinstall
  2. emm did you read my post???????? :sarcastic:

    it asks me to uninstall this old version fists but i have no way to do that the in the add remove panel !!
  3. With the newer drivers you just install the drivers and at the start it gives you an Uninstall option. Run that then it will reboot the PC Then run the drivers again and select Install.

    I dont like it but it seems to work.

  4. hi, i have tried that the ccc says that there is no ccc to uninstall, but i go back to add remove panel & ITS THERE
    ATI CATALYST CONTROL CENTER :fou: iv tried repair!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it keeps coming down to.

    I HAVE TO REMOVE VERSION 2.10.210 thats what i must do, the the question is HOW???????????? :cry:

    i tried AtiCimUn-[].exe & that says i must uninstall version 2.10.210 FIRST!
  5. Use driver sweeper to remove ALL your current ATI/CCC files, re-boot and install the new driver.
  6. i tried driver sweeper ( in safe mode twice) after uninstalling what i could.
    it was still there :??:
  7. i just ran this program to uninstall ccc in advanced mode, still said i had to uninstall version 2.10.210
    so no joy :fou:
  8. There is such a thing as a catalyst uninstall utility that ATI provide. If you google it you should get a link from somewhere like Guru 3d, like so

  9. tried it........nop :cry:
  10. CCLEANER works great
  11. Then i would suggest you run something like Windows Care or tune up utilities. Something like that will check the registry for unsigned keys etc and may pick up the files that are giving you issues.

  12. Try this... Manual Procedure to un-install CCC. Do this at command prompt.

    Install/Un-install procedure for CCC @ command prompt environment:

    Un-install ATI driver

    Log in as administrator

    @ Command prompt execute the following instructions

    Go to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-REV_vista64_win7_dd_ccc_wdm_emu\Driver\BIN64 for 64 bit OS
    Go to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-REV_vista32_ win7_dd_ccc_wdm_emu\ Driver\BIN for 32 bit OS

    Type the command “atisetup.exe –uninstall”

    This will remove the current or older ATI driver on your PC. Wait for the process to complete.

    The Font will get big as the OS will revert to default VGA driver. This is expected or normal just as when installing windows for the 1st time.

    Reboot your machine after the completion of the process
  13. & for xp 32 sp 3??? :D
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