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XFX 650w or Corsair HX620?

Planning a build and I was wondering which power supply I should get.

Its between these two:

XFX 650w


Corsair HX620

I know the hx620 isn't the best corsair for the price, but I want the red to match the red theme of my build (sad, I know) and the xfx seems to have more features/connectors/watts/etc. but I know corsair is known for the quality of their psu's.

Which one should I get?

Build specs:

Phenom II x4 970
Asus Crosshair IV
Corsair Dominator Cas7 4gb
WD Black 1tb
XFX 5850
Corsair H50
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  1. the XFX has two more 6-pin power connectors and is cheaper

    otherwise flip a coin, can't go wrong with either one
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    To confuse you even more... all those three PSUs; Corsair, XFX and Antec (recommended by obsidian86 are manufactured by Seasonic.

    Antec has been a long time Seasonic customer, Corsair got into the PSU business about 4 years ago I think and XFX is new to the game.

    I know the Corsair HX620 has gotten really good reviews over the years. I haven't read a review on the XFX P1-650X-CAH9 650W, but since it is built by Seasonic I feel comfortable with a "blind" recommendation for it.

    Antec PSUs used to be really good in the past, but they seem to have cut corners here and there when they ask Seasonic to design PSUs for them (based on some past issues I've read regarding long term reliability). I consider Antec PSUs as "merely good" instead of excellent which they once were a long time ago.

    Overall, my recommendation is Corsair due to the 620HX's history.
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