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hi guys

just wanted to ask,that almost all mobos ive checked for dell and hp seem to have pll's that cant be OCed as in they are not in the SETFSB software list and its said that Abo ( the setfsb author) said that they are locked or something. And i have checked over 15 PCs ( Desktops ). i wanted to know if all HP and Dell mobos use plls that cant be OCed. and what mobo should i go for if i wanna OC my cpu? and pls suggest cheap mobos, under 150. thx.
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  1. #1: You cannot overclock proprietary boards from Dell. Not sure about HP, but I have never heard of overclocking a Dell board. Best you can do is replace the CPU with a faster one within the same model and stepping.

    #2 -- you want to overclock your CPU? We would need to know what kind of processor you what to overclock.

    In your signature, you mention a Dell xps 1647, which is a laptop with a i5 -- I assume that there is a different processor that you want to overclock. Which one is that?
  2. nah its not my laptop that i want to overclock but a pentiumD 830 Processor. its just that i cant find a mowbow that has a PLL that can be OCed. but thanks good to know that most DELL mowbows dont have PLLs that can be OCed. cheers.
  3. yep, im just gonna get myself an asus branded mowbow,or Gigabyte. im guessing most of those are bios OCable?
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