Hard disk light stays on after boot

Hey guys... my name is Michael and I'm facing quite a strange problem. My friend asked me to format her laptop which had Windows vista on it. I asked her what windows she'd like and as she saw mine running the Preview of Windows 8 she asked me to install 8 on it. I was totally against the idea but .. you know girls when they want something. Anyway... I installed windows 8 and everything seemed to work. The computer was actually much much faster than when it ran vista which was a total snail. I noticed though that the hard disk light does not light up immediately after boot. Only shortly after entering the password (like 10 minutes later) that the hard disk light starts to go crazy. The hard disk usage goes up to 100% (shown in win 8 control panel) but there's no data transfer or excessive CPU Usage/Ram Usage. I was thinking that the hard disk was fragmented as she did not know what was the meaning of that word before I asked her. I de-fragmented the hard drive which is a HITACHI 250GB SSD and I noticed that the computer was way faster. But still.. the hard disk usage still got to 100% after a few minutes. So I decided to install windows 7 which is a much reasonable OS than Windows 8 (For Now). After installing windows 7 (still a fresh copy .. nothing downloaded, nothing else installed) I noticed that the hard disk has the same attitude as when the computer was running Vista and 8. I downloaded SeaTools from my computer and I installed it on my friend's laptop but it required .Net Framework 4.0. I can't download it on my friend's laptop because the computer gets ULTRA slow after a few minutes.

Can you guys help me on this? I've never experienced this before. Actually my prehistoric Pentium D 3.4GHz, 1GB Ram and 500GB Hard drive computer is much faster that my friend's 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo ,2GB Ram and 250GB Hard Disk.

Thank you very much.
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  1. You could run a HDD (or SSD ???) diagnostic from a bootable CD or flash drive.
  2. Open resource monitor and see what program is using the disk. You should be able to determine where the activity is coming from fairly easily.

    If you search for "resource monitor" in the win 7 search bar it should show up as an option.
  3. Hello guys thanks for the answers. fzabkar , I will try this with the bootable seatools image.

    @Tomatthe Actually nothing is using the hard disk... its just at 100% and the performace is horrible.
  4. So if you open resource monitor under disk activity and sort by Total (B/Sec) the top item is doing nothing? I'm not sure I follow it being at 100%, and nothing showing up. If you could post screenshots it may be helpful.
  5. @Tomatthe .. I will try .. but yep .. the total (B/Sec) equals to Zero. And the hard disk usage is 100% ( last time I checked) I told her that her hard disk was probably dying .. but I want to be sure of it. I'll try to take screenshots but its difficult with a computer that barely responds. Anyway .. I'll take pics with my phone and upload then soon
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