USB Ports + Sound suddendly don't work

Hi there

I really hope you can help me, because this problem is driving me nuts.

First of all my problem: Today when I switched on my Computer, my second Screen wouldn't work and the resoloution of the primary screen was set to the minimum. So I wanted to go and activate my secondary screen in the Nvidia control panel. But then i saw that all of the Nvidia drivers were gone. Got the newest driver for my card ( GTX 260 EVGA SSC) and installed it. After rebooting my PC, all of a sudden, all connected USB devices and the sound wouldn't work.

Now what i have tried until now is:
- Booting into safe mode = same problem
- Set the PC back to an older point = errors after rebooting
- Uninstalling and reinstalling the devices in the Device Manager
- Pull out and Plug back in the devices
- Trying all sorts of settings in the BIOS
(Thank god I have an old PS/2 mouse)

But the strange thing is, that all of the things work in the BIOS and in my Asus Express Gate.

What other solutions have I got?
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  1. What motherboard are you using including model number, revision and BIOS version? Are you using on board sound as it may be a south bridge problem? It may be risky but you may (WARNING YOU NOW: IT MAY COMPROMISE THE FLASH ROM ON THE MOTHERBOARD) try to flash the BIOS with an updated version. See if that get's you anywhere. If you're not, always use manufacturer specific drivers i.e. nVidia, Asus, etc. and not third party versions which may corrupt various parts of your system.
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