Is this RAM compatible with MSI GF615M-P33

Hey guys,

I have this motherboard: MSI GF615M-P33
with an AMD Phenom II X4 840

I bought this RAM along with it: 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz 1.5v CL9
I found my PC crashed a lot, ran memtest and found one of the modules to be error-ridden.

So I have returned it to eBueyer, and phoned them up to change my return status to replacement instead of refund. However, the techie said that the RAM may not be compatible with the motherboard, and I would be better buying a new set. He also said the RAM probably isn't faulty as well. Is this true? Or is it a standard answer for them?

I stuck with refund, since he basically forced me too.

So now I'm getting my money back, i'm looking at these different options:

Corsair 4GB
Corsair 4GB XMS3
Crucial 4GB
Kingston 4GB HyperX Blu

Which should I go for, in fact are they even compatible with my MoBo and CPU? :S I've lost all confidence in my computer knowledge now!

P.S All my settings in BIOS were default when testing, I tried setting all the memory timings and voltage manually, but to no-avail!

P.S, my budget is around £50 for 4GB RAM, so suggestions are more than welcome!

Graeme Smith
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  1. I've bought the Crucial 4GB one, should recieve it tomorrow!
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