Migrating from raid0 to single ssd

I am migrating the windows 7 installation from my raid 0 (2xhdd) to a single ssd.

From what I have read the tech community is inconclusive if such migration can be successfully done without doing the complete re-install of the OS.

I tried to use acronis universal restore, which claimed that it can restore a cloned raid 0 image to a single drive, or ssd for that matter, but with no results - after the image been restored to SSD, the windows failed boot - computer was getting restarted even before I can see the windows 7 loading logo.

So, can it be done or not? My SSD comes with a norton ghost software, should I try it too to clone raid -> restore to SSD, or if acronis failed to do that, norton will be of not help either, as from what I read acronis is more advanced software.

Would appreciate your help. Thank you.
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  1. There should be no problem doing this although it's recommended you do a clean install when moving from a hard drive to a SSD. If you haven't changed motherboards, there is no need to do a "universal restore". Simply clone the drive. You'll need to be sure to remove the raid afterwards (pull power from drives) and make sure the bios is set to the correct boot device. Boot off thew SSD and make sure it works. Afterwards, you can reconnect the drives you had in raid.

    If for some reason this doesn't work, you can try backing up the raid by making an image of it, then restore the backup/image to the SSD. The rest of the procedure will be the same as listed above.
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