How much can i sell this for

this is a different brand new pc how much can i sell this one for and should i keep the same case or switch it with other one to get people to buy it
here is the link to my case
this is the build
amd phenom II x2 3.2ghz
msi 870a-g54
1tb wd hdd with 64mb buffer
4gb corsair 1333 ddr3 ram
630w modular powersupply with a blue led fan
12'' white cathoid
XFX ATI HD5770 1gb GDDR5 grahics
VIA VT6421a chipset sata card for flashing 360's
10/100/1000 ethernet pci card to bridge connection to force host on 360 because if you don't have a router or don't have 360 wireless you can use the port on the card and the motherboard to bridge the connection and forcehost if you want
and for the case should i use any of these and my case can't go over 80bucks
the only reason why i am asking is because i dont know if the clease case will attaract buyers
will i be able to sell this for 1250 with wired mouse and keyboard
1400 with a choice of gaming keyboard and mouse
1600 with a samsung bluray drive
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  1. First... Your links are all broken so we really can't see what you are asking.

    Second... A good rule for pricing a PC is to go to a site like Newegg and put in you components to get a price of what your PC cost now. Than, you take 10 to 15% of for age (1yr or less - 10 to 15%, 2yrs to 1yr - 20 to 30%... etc). After that, you add back in about $100 for the time you pu in building the PC, etc. This will give you a good starting point.
  2. my guess would be round $500 if not less, depends a bit on the PSU quality and case

    though it's very hard to tell without exact parts for everything (or links to newegg)

    though i would listen to tecmo34 as that sounds about right
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