[Need Help]PC does not boot up after card replacement

I have an older p4 that works like a charm (until today). My rig: CPU P4 dual 530J, MOBO intel 915G chipset LGA775, OS WinXP sp3, 4G ram, HD2600pro video card.

I decided to get a slightly better video card. evga gt220.

What I did:
*Uninstalled ATI driver for my graphic card and restarted (still worked after reboot, I just got a warning screen of not having driver). Power down completely
*disconnected all outside connection and opened side panel.
*removed hd2600 and installed gt220. (not very difficult just one screw and nothing in the way).
*turn on pc and no longer works, does not boot up, no beeps just fans running at 100%.
*Placed the old card back and same deal.
*restarted without any video card and same deal. reverified and checked all connections just in case I pulled something by accident.
*I replaced my PSU with an old PSU that I know works. Same deal.
*Removed BIOS battery to reset BIOS. Hoping in switches video back to on-board, same deal.

I am currently getting together parts to build a new pc (taking my time). For the meanwhile, I need my old rig to work. I'm at a loss. Last time this happened was after installing a new video card that was DOA. Place my old card and was back to normal. I follows Tom's guide sticky of not booting up. I followed everything and all fans (case, cpu and video card fans) turn on 100%.

Please advice
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  1. Is your PSU's power set to 115V? There's a little slider switch on the back of the PSU, it's commonly red-colored and changes between 115V to 220V I think. Make sure it's at 115V if you're in the US and then try again.
  2. Yes the power is set correctly. Now I am trying to play musical ram stick. Trying to boot up with only 1 ram. Still no succes. What weird is that the mobo is getting power and fans do turn on but no beeps! Fans stay at 100% and thats it.
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    If you're getting no beeps your motherboard isn't POST'ing, which may be a sign of a bad motherboard.

    Try booting with zero RAM and at least try to get it to beep. If it's still not beeping, I'd wager that it's a bad mobo, which could be coincidental and have nothing to do with your video card.

    IE: Not your PSU because you tried that already, probably not your RAM if it's not POST beeping, not your video card, hdd wouldn't cause that problem soooo...
  4. No video card no ram I can hear 3 short beep. Once I install either video card or ram I get no response... :(
  5. Seems like you got a defective card, there...

    Have another PC? you can try your card there to make sure whether the card is bad or not... :)
  6. Im using my iPhone to go online :) I know the old card is good, the new card could be DOA. I took my pc to computer central and the guy told me my mobo could be going bad. He didnt charge me for taking a look. What im thinking is buying a cheap asrock mobo ($40) and reaplacing it. My question would be, will it boot up with my currently installed windows?? I really dont wanna spend a whole lot of money on this rig since Im building a new one. But I can give this one to my daughter.
  7. If you replace your motherboard I believe you should be fine (so long as you have the same CPU and other hardware).
  8. On my way to Frys to pick up mobo. Everything else will be the same. Ill keep my fingers crossed.
  9. I guess my MOBO is too old. I would have to buy new ram as well. I guess its just time for me to hurry and do my new build. Thanks all for your help :sol:
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