Two separate cpu cables to motherboard or one?

Rampage III Extreme has 2 4x4 CPU ports and my Corsair 1200w PSU has two separate 8x4 cables that each split into 4x4. So that makes a total of 4 4x4 connections.

Because the ports on the Ramage are close together, I can easily connect both 4x4 connections from one cable. The question is, was this intended or should I be using 2 separate cables for each 4x4?

The only reason I ask is because if you were supposed to use both connections on the 1 8x4 cable, why wouldnt mobo manufacturers just run a 8x4 connection? :/
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  1. Just use one cable IMO

    Most mb's have the 8 pin power connector instead of two separate 4 pin's

    You could try reading the mb manual too , I guess
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    It sounds like you'll have quite a build so i will assume you will be overclocking. If this is the case use both, but if this is not the case and all your going with is like a 930 then you'll save power by using one (it might get finicky and restart on you if you aren't giving enough to the cpu - youll know when the cpu needs more juice then just plug the other one in)

    FYI - if your gonna do a sli build with crazy cards make sure to plug in both auxilary 4 pin power cables to the mobo or youll suffer instability.
  3. Yeah, I read the manual and it didn't say. I would assume you can use one cable but hooked two anyways.
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