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Can a hard drive caddy be used with hard drive on which the operating system resides? I'd like to maintain two hard drives, both with operating systems and programs on them. This would be akin to a dual boot system, but instead of having the systems on the same hard drive, I'd have them housed on separate drives.

I've got a hard drive in which I've installed multiple programs over the years, many of which I now only need from time to time. I also have a new, larger hard drive with which I'm going to do a clean install of the operating system and programs. Rather than loading the new hard drive with programs that I don't use very often, I'd like to leave them behind on the old hard drive, and just swap in that hard drive when I need to run those programs.

So can a hard drive caddy be used for the drive that contains the PC's operating system?
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  1. Are you wanting to physically swap them while it's off or what?

    Most mobos will let you set the new one to boot from normally (just UNPLUG the old one while installing, I've seen win7 do some weird stuff.) and then a button to hit to choose a different one to boot from.
  2. Yes, I will just be swapping them when the PC is off. Since the operating system is involved in the drives to be swapped, I wasn't considering swapping hard drives while the system was powered.

    Sound like this is doable. If anyone has any recommendations on hardware, please pass it along.

  3. No, I was just wondering why you wanted a physical solution and how it would be done; since any other physical way prolly wouldn't work to well. Even though SATA does hotswapping.

    I don't know of any hardware in optical disc bays like that, though you could use one of those external plugs that make the hard drives seem like cartridges. As long as it's eSATA that would perform just fine.

    But yeah, the software thing seems easier to me, especially since it's only gonna be not all that often.
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