Samsung lcd 2233rz and nvidia 8500 gt

hello all. i bought samsung lcd 22 inch 2233rz monitor and i have nvidia geforce 8500 gt as a vga and mobo DG31PR (i disabled the intel vga of the board for the nvidia vga by enabling pcie). when i try to start my pc while my lcd is connected to the nvidia dvi it shows nvidia 8500 gt loading screen and won't show the bios startup screen and holds there. but when i unplug the screen and connect my old crt alone it goes normally, then when i plug the lcd again the screen works perfectly while in windows. please i need ur reply asap for this problem like if i need to change something in the bios or anything else. tnx in advance and waiting ur reply.
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  1. Have you tried uninstalling your current nvidia drivers and then installing the latest drivers? Also, what might work is to first install the nvidia driver with your crt display hooked up, restart, shutdown, and then connect the lcd and try turning it on.
  2. well my nvidia driver was installed when i was using the crt before, but when i connected the lcd it didn't work. then i uninstalled the nvidia driver connected the lcd while it was driverless and the same thing happenned. then i installed the driver again and did the same thing but didn't work as well. it only works when i bypass the bios screen and reach window then i can connect the lcd.
  3. anybody faced anything like this before?
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