Wireless network Network security key or passphrase truncated

I can't connect to a Wireless Network in France because the 26 character security key automatically truncates on my computer to 8 characters. Is there something I can do? I have a USB drive. I see a link on the Network Security Key entry dialog that says that I can insert my USB drive. How do I set up Wireless Network information on a USB drive? Is it just a file with the Network Security Key on it? How do I name the file. Thank you.
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  1. The router is using 128bit encryption, probably WEP. If it was my router I'd change it to WPA which has manageable passphrases.

    Also, you may be running an early version of Windows and relying on Windows to manage the connection -- see if the utility (if any) supplied with your wireless adapter can deal with longer passwords and use the utility to manage the connection.
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