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Hey guys,
I'm looking to upgrade to an SSD soon! :) I'm planning to just basically clone my existing C drive onto the SSD. However, I'm not sure how to go about that? At present I have my main 500 GB HDD, then I have another 500 GB HDD onto which I backup. I just used Windows' backup program. Could I just restore the system image directly to the SSD or won't that work? I'm already in ACHI mode for some reason.

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  1. You could use Norton's Ghost to clone the drive. I actually don't know if you can use Windows back up or not. Sorry. I usually suggest a clean install though.
  2. When you get your new SSD you can create an image of the OS onto the SSD and then wipe the other drive when your comfortable that the process went ok. You would create the image when you get the SSD so that it's up to date with everything.
  3. I cloned my 750GB HDD down to a 256GB M4 SSD using a "kit" provided by a company called Apricorn. It consists of a USB dongle that plugs into the SSD, plus some cloning software. It worked flawlessly for me. Well worth the $20.
  4. So that is to say. I get the ssd and install it then restore my system image to that drive and then i can basically take the hdd out and boot from the ssd?
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