External Hard Drive erased?

Hi, first of all I'm a Windows 7 user, if that helps.
I have an external hard drive with thousands of personal photos. I bought another HDD to back up the photos. During the process of moving all the files from the old one to the new one the transfer got stuck. I could not cancel the transfer (I pressed cancel and it just didn't stop the transfer...) so I disconnected them both to try again, this time skipping the corrupt file. After reconnecting my old hard drive Windows tells me I need to format the drive before I can use it, as if it is brand new and never used without any info on it. Of course I decline Windows offer, but after a few seconds it tells me the drive is inaccessible. Now Windows recognizes the drive but when I try to access it nothing happens... I find it truly ironic that this happens while trying to back up the drive...
Also, I know I'm stupid for straight disconnecting it while it tries to transfer files. There's no need to tell me.
I know the info and the truly irreplaceable collection of pictures are still on the hard drive. Any help?
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  1. The partition info may have become corrupted when you unplugged the drive. This program may be able to restore it.

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