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I am looking to buy a new laptop to use at home by the New Year. I have a Dell mini that I take when I travel.

I am always working with many open windows, and of course the mini is extremely slow. I usually have Twitter, as well as other social networking sites up, email, work website, shopping websites, and sometimes YouTube or Netflix streaming. Of course the video will barely play, and it takes Twitter forever to load.

I know that is a lot to have up at one time, but that's how I like to work. Any suggestions on what I should be looking for to handle so many tasks simultaneously?
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  1. A laptop with a decent powered dual core processor should get the job done, such as an i3 with an adequate speed, since your activity requires more processing power. The memory size is also an important factor, you should at least get 2GB of DDR3 RAM. The more, the better.
  2. Something like a 2.0GHz dual core CPU and 4GB of RAM will do nicely.

    If you do not play games, then an Intel GMA video solution is acceptable.
  3. you need the i7 extreme. NEED IT. lol, j/k. No just go with what jaguar said. A dual core CPU handles multi-tasking well for what you need it for. And 4GB gives applications and web enough memory to work with. =)
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