Are the WD "green" drives dependable?


I need to get a 1 tb drives for storage and am thinking of purchasing the WD green drive, but am unsure of its reliability. I've always purchased the "black" drives and have never had one fail. Are the green drives reliable?

Thank you.
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  1. I have about a dozen of the 2Tb green WD drives on various machines for backup and have had since they came out and have never had any issues, so I would say yes they are reliable. They are a little slower to initially access since the heads park, but once they get going they work well for storage and produce less heat.
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    You can't go wrong with any of the WD drives, Black, Blue, or Green.
    If mainly for storage, if makes little difference if it takes a slight bit longer spinning up. Great choice.

    Might consider for $25 more the 2TB WD Green. Can't beat 1 TB extra for that price. Could use it as unallocated space now, a separate partition. or just twice the size for storage.

    Do not get the 3 TB size, for many reasons.
    Just a thought.
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