SSD drive performance boost, and Windows 7 install questions

I think I want to buy a SSD, not sure yet but I'm asking now so I have information to think over. Right now I have a 320 Gig Hitatchi drive, which is a little slower (and louder, Hitatchi drives that I've owned are always quite loud) than most HDDs but it still works well, besides some micro stuttering in different games. My question is if I bought a SSD and threw games on there how much of an increase it loading times, etc, would I be looking at? Would micro stuttering caused by my HDD be completely eliminated? The other thing is my board only does SATA 3GB/s.

Also, you can see in my signature I'm running a 32 bit OS. The reason being because I got it for free, and I don't see upgrading to 64 bit being worth the money. But, since windows 8 is coming out, I think I'd like to buy a retail copy of Windows 7 before they are all gone. If I paid for a 64bit OS I'd probably want to upgrade from my 32 bit install so I'd want to install Windows 7 (32 bit) on it's own partition on my SSD. Then I would be able to wipe that partition clean, reinstall windows, and keep whatever games I have in the storage partition correct? Then, how big of a partition would windows 7 need? would 40 gigs suffice?

Here's one of the SDD I've been looking at buying:
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  1. For the desktop you need the 120GB SSD + HDD that wil be more than enough. You can get this 120GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD $59.99

    Great guide to tune and gain space on your SSD ^
  3. Are OCZ SSDs good? Even though it's a different area some people swear by their PSU's but others say to stay away from them.
  4. Samsung 830 , Crucial m4 , or Kingston hyper X.
  5. Only upgrade the firmware if you have issues.
  6. I forgot to ask yesterday, why didn't you recommend Intel SSDs? Are they only good when you have and Intel chip to run RST?
  7. I just finished recommending the samsing 830 on another thread lol, so yeah samsung 830 FTW, but really ANY SSD is going to be 10x-20x faster at loading apps/games than a HDD. The reason he suggested those three is that they are the pinnacle of reliability right now on the SSD market, and because all SSD's are pretty much the same speed-wise, RELIABILITY is what you want.

    EDIT: BTW Samsung 830 128GB on Newegg for 109 /w free shipping, you would have to buy a bracket with this one
  8. Samsung 830 , Crucial m4 , or Kingston hyper X.
  9. ^^double post, not very constructive, at least tell him why you recommend those three. (most likely its reliability)
  10. Reliability and consistent speed.I have one kingston and one samsung installed.I put a m4 in my sons rig and he loves the speed.
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