HIS Radeon 4650 agp 1g problems

I've got an old P4 3.0 with 2gb of DDR400 that I've been using basically for a movie player in a bedroom. I had an old radeon 9800xt in it that played DVDs and 480p vidoes on VLC with no problems, but I wanted to upgrade cheaply to be able to watch HD videos. I put the HIS Radeon 4650 AGP with 1gb of DDR3 in it and it actually seems worse than my 9800xt. HULU videos are like a slideshow if I put them in fullscreen, and I still can't play anything above 480p in fullscreen with VLC without it becoming a slideshow or locking up. Can anyone tell me if my system should or should not be capable of playing HD video? The card advertises 1080p so I thought it would, but maybe I'm proccesor limited or something? I would return the card but I'm not sure it's defective and I don't want to pay neweggs 12 buck restocking fee and return shipping. Thanks for the help in advance guys.
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  1. 1) did you do a clean install? The old Radeon drivers leave alot of stuff behind when you try to uninstall them. Also, drivers for the 4650 are radically different

    2) Did you use the right drivers? Using drivers for the PCI-E version of the card will cause all sorts of problems. In order to use AGP versions of the card you need drivers with the AGP hotfix installed. AMDs drivers for newer AGP Radeon cards are kind of hit or miss, though they are better now. HIS should have provided drivers with the hotfix for you though so check the CD it came with, or the HIS website for a newer driver for your card.
  2. I ran the catalyst install manager and did the quick uninstall all ATI software option before I installed the driver from the disk, but I really wasn't sure if it uninstalled everything because I still had ati icons in the add/remove software list afterwards so I think maybe something was left over in the registry. Is there a better way to uninstall the old ATI drivers for a clean install?
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