Computer cant detect IDE.Drive

hi i hope someone can help my husband took my computer apart to try a new hard disk he found he unplugged the cables from mine decided the new one didnt fit and put it back together again but now it wont boot up it gets to the part were it says detecting IDE drives then stops nothin happens. plese someone tell me what he has done wrong so i can fix it thankyou madmaria x
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  1. Make sure the drive is plugged into the same port it was one the cable, and on the main board. If it really is an ide drive be very careful unplugging/plugging in the drive as those pins are fragile.
  2. Check these items:

    1. The IDE drive must have connected to it both a power supply (4-pin Molex connector coming from wires from the Power Supply Unit) and a data cable (2" wide ribbon with 80 wires in it, and connectors with two rows of 20 holes each).

    2. The data ribbon probably has 3 connectors on it, and they should be color-coded. The BLUE one on an end must be plugged into the IDE port on the motherboard. By the way, these connectors are called 40-pin, but actually have one pin hole blocked. The also often have a special bulge on one side, matching a notch in the mobo connector socket. This means they can only plug into a port one way - you can't plug them in turned backwards. The BLACK connector on the other end of the ribbon cable is supposed to be plugged into the Master device for this port. What is the Master device? This is actually set by the position of a small jumper on some pins on the back edge of the drive, between the power supply and data ribbon connectors. There is a diagram on the drive for how to set the jumper. I would assume that the jumper on the old drive already is set correctly to Master, but you can check and verify it is right according to the diagram. The GREY connector in the middle of the data ribbon cable is to be plugged into the Slave device (also set by a jumper position) on this cable IF there is one. I suspect you don't have a Slave device, but you might. An IDE port MUST have a Master device to operate, and it MAY have a Slave device, too.

    3. As I said, you can only plug a connector into a socket one way because of the blocked hole, etc. BUT, tomatthe has raised a good point. If you plug it in wrong and force it, you might appear to get the cable plugged in by bending a pin or two wrong. To check, unplug the cable from the drive AND from the mobo port, and examine the pins in the sockets. If any are bent out of place, straighten them gently and reconnect the cable the RIGHT way.
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