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i was wondering if its ok to use alcohol swabs to clean cpu and heatsink. also can i use regular paper towel to clean the stuff off if not what should i use?
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  1. You can use ether one....but make sure it is soft and wont scratch the surface
  2. oh ok thanks
  3. The only thing I'd say about paper towel is that it can leave fibres on the surface as you wipe. You're much better off cleaning up with a lint-free cloth.
  4. Baby wipes brother, one benefit to having kids
  5. I use rubbing alcohol and metallic scouring pad... I mean a towel.
  6. i use alcohol and a lint-free cloth =P works great for me. Just don't do what my friend did once...don't use a screwdriver to try to "scrape" it off :non:
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