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becasue of a lightning strike issue I am rebuilding my pc.

i do not game or surf on this PC. I am a photographer and I do edit photos and might do video once and a while.

My old system was an Asus, P5QL Pro, Intel Q6600, PNY GeForce 8500gt, and 4x4g of HyperX DDR2.

with the rebuild I am looking at spending and saving. I am thinking ASUS M4A77D, AMD PII 955 Black, Radeon HD5750, and using my old ram.

I am leaning towards this set up becasue I should see some improvement in app speed and I can throw it all together for less than $500

Where as I could spend a lot more and go i7 and not get the same "bang for my buck"???? i am on the right track, and is there anything else I should be thinking about....
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  1. If you don't need gaming then you could go for a HD5570 or 5550 and it'll do fine. Other than that it looks good. Just hope your old RAM didn't die. What about power supply? I'd suggest at least something from the Rosewill Green Series. Almost certainly your old one of these is dead.
  2. Yeah a quality surge protector or ups.
  3. No, no, no. Not Rosewill.
  4. well, I am hoping my ram is ok....

    The lightning hit the poll behind my house and did not travel via the power line. I spiked my coax, for high speed.

    That being said, it took out my modem, router (freaking pisses me off it was like 2 months old), and then the mobo at least.

    I am under the impression that it took out the board but my power supply should be fine.... and my ram too.... i hope....

    I did buy another surge protector.... one with the coax and data cable connections.... will hopefully save me if this ever happens again....
  5. Dude, the green series is fine. I don't know about the rest so I don't suggest those.

    Also, a six core? really? You also clearly did not read since he wants to stick to AM2+ and something cheap.
  6. he wrote "I should see some improvement in app speed and I can throw it all together for less than $500"
    so i thought he will not be gaming so the x6 is a better choice.
    am2+?? he didn't even mention it??
  7. He said he wanted to use his old DDR2 RAM. Therefore only AM2+ and RAM isn't needed.

    When people give you a number for price, that's never an absolute. It's what they expect to have to pay to get something decent working. When you can show them something that will do what they want/need now for half or less than that, they're always happy. Almost always they're coming from an ancient single core that hasn't been touched in years. So an athlon II x3 is almost always what's needed. That isn't the case here since he's replacing a quad, but there could be a x4 or phenom x4 that would do it.
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