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Hi im looking for some advice on upgrading my graphics card wich i bought way back in 2006 with the pc.
system specs are.
AMD Athlon 64 fx-62 2.8ghz dual core
2gb ddr2 ram
vista 32 bit

The psu is 600 watt fsp group model number-FX600-GLN

mostly play wow on medium low settings any higher i get a lag affect.Just looking for a card i get to see them high settings and a few years future prove on other games. I have looked at the gt240 is this a big jump?really dont understand the market and what my system can handle.your help would be much appreciated.
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    I would recommend that you go to GTS250. If you experience a CPU bottleneck then you could always raise the multiplier on that FX so it runs at 3.0 GHz
  2. What's your budget? A Radeon 5770 would be a good upgrade for you. Even so, you should consider overclocking your CPU since that is what it was meant for.
  3. Even a little 9800gt would be light years faster than your 7900gtx. I used to have 3 7900gs that I used in 2 way sli with the third in another machine and two 7900gtx duo (first dual gpu card before 7950gx2) all of which is faster than your card. The 9800gt blew them all away so the GTS250 would be all that much better. Also a 5770 is you want to spend the money.
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