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I had a hard drive failure on a HP Pavilion DV6-2190us. It seems the file allocation has been damaged. I was able to plug it in externally and even though it took a while the computer eventually recognized the partitions, and with the help of some free data recovery software it was able to see the size of each partition and even start finding files, but with no luck.

I really need some info that was on the drive and I feel like the data is on the disc still so I have two questions:

1) what is the best software I can get to work with a failed drive?

2) if there is no software how can I learn about physical drive repair. I know it can cost up to $1000 and that is more that I am willing to spend, so I would like to find out how to properly repair a drive physically, I am aware of the risks, I just want the knowledge before I just end up trying to figure it out on my own.
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  1. 1. Software isn't going to do much in your situation.

    2. You can't, if you want the data back pay a professional what it cost or move on.
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    Clone your drive sector-by-sector using a tool (eg ddrescue) that knows how to work around bad sectors, and then use data recovery software on the clone.

    Ddrescue can perform multipass cloning. It clones the easy sectors on the first pass, and attempts the more difficult ones on subsequent passes. It keeps a log, allowing it to resume after an interruption.
  3. There is no physical drive repair within warranty or without it. Only replacement. Your hard disk is physically going down . Try to make an image of ur disk and do any data recovery from that. Any more read/ write activity of may land u with data recovery people which is a costly process.
    Also download required tool from western digital or seagate ur hard disk for physical failure info.

    One funny self repair help is to freeze ur hard disk ( properly packed) in refrigerator for 18 hours. it sometime works(only for data recovery nothing beyond that) . do a net search u will see may solutions. They mostly dont work.
  4. best advice i can give you, DONT BUY AN HP!! i am always fixing HPs with hard drive related errors, bad software, bad hardware. they are the cheaper than walmart brand. in fact i am doing data recovery on a hard drive out of an HP as i am righting this.

    you can try spin right, but that takes forever. if you have the technical know how i would suggest getting hirens boot cd and installing it on a flash drive, it has a ton of utilities. i am copy the old data off of a hard drive with multiple bad sectors using parted magic right now.
  5. If the hard drive failed, then you may have sent it to data recovery lab, but it will cost a lot.
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