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Would a 5770 be enough for these games?

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June 24, 2010 11:20:43 PM

I'm thinking of rebuilding my pc for some upcoming games and am a bit divided on video card selection.
Right now my system is just an ECS and phenom 9500 I got from frys few years back and a 8800gt video card and 4gb of OCZ ram.
Now I'm just playing WoW and my system cant run it without lagging.
I'm looking to make a setup for Starcraft 2 and Star Wars the old republic and Diablo 3 in the future. I know there is no system requirements for sw and d3 yet but just judging by graphics.

I've been contemplating getting a 955 black edition with some g.skill ram and am still undecided on which motherboard I will get. Do you think a 5770 would be enough to run these games or should I just pony up and get a 5850 or gtx470? I've been watching ebay for any deals too appealing to pass up but I dont know if I trust it enough so newegg is most likely where I'll buy. I'm kinda a tightwad when spending money heh.
My monitor is a samsung 22inch with 1680x1050 res and I dont plan to buy a new one until this one quits on me.

I have this case and not sure if I have sufficient air flow with just these 2 fans and enough space to crossfire.

My power supply is a 600w cooler master and I think it will work.

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a c 1406 U Graphics card
June 24, 2010 11:26:43 PM

For 1680x1050 the HD5770 should do fine. The PSU although not the best is fine even if you go with a HD5850
a c 235 U Graphics card
June 24, 2010 11:26:55 PM

the case is fine, you can add a side fan but i find them useless unless then are set at high RPM

the PSU is fine, the ATI 5770 is very power efficient. it draws slightly more power then the 8800GT

the ATI 5770 is the perfect card for 1680x1050 res. Blizzard and Bioware never push PC hardware so that card will have no issues running those games at very high levels.

FYI, WoW is not optimized for more then two cores so your 9500 is running the same as a dual core at 2.2ghz (or whatever it runs at)
June 25, 2010 12:44:36 AM

It came with a side fan but i dont think it's rpm is set very high, not sure how to change it and there's an option for a front fan but it's slim and almost no front grill for air so it might not even be very efficient. I was just worried that if I went with a 5770 and needed a second to handle with low fps my mid-tower might get too warm. A bit of a price difference from the 5770 to the 5850 but if I did 2 5770's I wouldn't buy both at the same time, 1 now and 1 later on in the year. I hear crossfiring can be a bit of a head ache sometimes though