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Hi Guys

I just read the review on the HD 5870 and in the benchmarks a pair on 5870's in X Fire was well on top with a single 5870 next but after that and very close to the single 5879 was the 4870 X2 2 GB model.

So my question is, how good do you guys think a pair of these 4870 X2 2 gbs would be as I can get two of them for $500 (Aust dollars).

One single 5870 is $500.

So do you think bang for buck the 2 4870's would be a good choice.
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  1. The 2 4870's will give you better performance than the 1 5870, however your going to be looking at higher heat temps and more wattage draw from the 2.

    On the other hand the 5870 will be around a lot longer and is DX11, if that matters to you based on the games you play. If it was me i would be looking to get the 5870 now and then do a xfire later on with another 5870 when it starts to show its limits.
  2. A HD4870x2 performs close to HD5870 so for your 500dollars you get almost twice the performance by getting two x2's versus a single HD5870.
    If you have a PSU that is up to it go for it.
  3. Four way GPU scaling? Not an ATI strong point.
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