AMD mobo boards look horrible

Why are there so many "nice" looking intel mobo's (saber-tooth, assian, sniper) but the amd boards are ugly as sh$t. why haven't manufacturer made comparable boards for the amd chips???
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  1. All a matter of taste, same as everything else, you might find them disgusting but others may love them,
    people huh? :)
  2. Agreed but you gotta admit there is NO AMD board that competes with the boards I mentioned
  3. I think this looks pretty sweet:

    But def a matter of opinion. I for one am sick of the blue/white scheme Gigabyte and ASUS are shoving down our throats. I'd personally like a yellow and black scheme, I've heard rumors about some Lanparty boards forthcoming from DFI:

    But all I've seen so far have been with the white am3 socket.
  4. Probably because the companies figure the Intel chips are for the highest-end gaming market, and they want to emphasize the premium-ness with cool designs.
  5. Designs, schmesigns, a mobo isn't a piece of art. You want art go to the gallery. Mobos are basically and ultimately tools. Their function determines their form. The medium is the message (Marshall McLuhan). It is only serendipty that they have any aesthetic.

    But, alas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Give me an ugly bitch that can OC to 6.0 GHz and be damned with your ideas of beauty.
  6. And I think that the Sabertooth is ugly too. It has problems with SLI despite its specs.
  7. Here is a red and black one.

    I remember someone complaining once that Intel boards had great chipset coolers. They used heat pipes that made the board look good. Most AMD boards just use a HSF on their chips. Are you going to fault the lower power found on AMD boards? I actually found an AMD board with heatpipes, but it uses a more power hungry Nvidia chipset.

    I like the white and blue look. And I agree that I'd rather have a good performing board then one that looks good. Of course my soon to be ex board is the Foxconn X38a. You want ugly....
  8. I can't even see my ugly Gigabyte board, there's too much cool, functioning stuff on it.
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