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I have a i7 2600k processor with ASUS P8Z77-V PRO Motherboard and G.Skill Sniper DDR3 8 GB...I have an internal a Seagate Barracuda 1tb drive which i use for windows...Then there are two other harddisks attached out of which one is a wd1tb and 2nd is wd 2tb(usb 3.0)..Both are external...Now I have some questions

1)I want to upgrade my storage capacity and i want to use the new one for windows......Shall i buy an internal or external hd and of which company..specify the capacity too.

2)I have bad sectors in almost every drive and i get a very slow speed of 20mb/sec while copying while copying..

3)I do not get good performance despite of all the above mentioned configration..

Pls help me its the internal Seagate Barracuda drive has began to give me errors..Shall i get all my drives replaced as all are in warranty???
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  1. I'd have someone look at your HDD that has your OS. If it is under warranty then they'll give you another one. It happened to me with my WD HDD after 4 months. I got a new one and everything is fine now.

    You might want to use this as a point to switch to SSD. For $100 you could buy a 128GB SSD and put OS and all your programs on it. Then, still use your HDD for saving files. It makes things faster and it can still handle large files.

    I use an external Seagate drive (USB 3.0) and I get (off the top of my head) at least 70mb/sec. 20mb/s is really low.

    Don't buy external anymore unless you need portability. I use an external HDD for backing up my photos and documents. You could get a 1TB WD Black HDD. That's what I'd want if I bought another drive.
  2. Hello,

    You didn't specifically say which HDDs are slow, but probably the external ones are limited by the USB bridge connections.

    Best way to check them out objectively, is to download and install HD Tune (or Pro), and for each one, on the Info tab, record the drive info, on the Health Tab, see if there are any SMART issues or prefail alerts, and on the BenchMark Tab, run a full read test. Report the Max, Avg, and Min transfer speeds. If concerned, you can also run an Error Tab error scan which checks for bad sectors across the entire drive (takes several hours for a 1 TB drive.

    There is an option to copy the screen shot or info to the clipboard to print out, or even as an image which you could upload to view on your next post, if you have concerns.

    that way you will have objective and comparative info to report and compare drives.

    If you are looking for speed, and are going to change the boot drive, might consider now an SSD 128GB (256GB preferable) which will kick up you transfer speed many times - up to 450 - 500 GB/s.
  3. For my internal hd-it shows a yellow light for reallocated sector count in crystal info and 30% health in hard disk sentine..
    For my 2tb hd-it shows a yellow light for current pendingsector count and uncorrectable sector count in crystal info and 97% health in hard disk sentine...
    I was thinking about any of the two hard disks--

  4. If you are having reallocation sector issues and pending reallocation, (assumming 30% means some distance from the normalized value to failure value.) along with alert icons, I'd replace the at risk drives before it fails altogethter and you lose the OS or data on the drive.
  5. I have decoded to replace my seagate 1tb and wd 1tb drives...I hope there are no major problems with the 2 tb drive...
    Please just tell me two things:-
    1)Do i need to replace 2 tb drive??
    2)Secondly i want to upgrade from 3tb to 5tb so shall i choose external or internal drive??Please tell which 1 is better I have given the links above
  6. *decided
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    sahil9211 said:

    I would not do an upgrade to an External HDD, and don't get a 3 TB drive. There are just to many problems at present to justify the risk of important data. If you review the postings on Tom's for failed HDD's, or failed modular packages, the majority are external USB conected and large drives. Why, USB cable, marginal power supplied thru the USB, problems with the USB/SATA bridge, easy to drop, and that's not even discussing the drive itself

    The 2TB internal WD Cariar Blacks are very good drives in particular, but that's a matter of more personal choice.
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  9. Thanx a ton i'll be going for the internal drive nd can i use it for loading my windows???
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